Zelenskyy welcomes Germany’s shift in favor of Ukraine


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government was providing investigative support to document war crimes in Ukraine, and he said Russian President Vladimir Putin was responsible.

“It is clear that Putin systematically targets civilians, whether they are hospitals, train stations or maternity wards. This is one of the reasons why Canada was one of the first countries to ask the International Criminal Court to investigate Putin’s war crimes,” Trudeau said Sunday on the “State of the Union” from CNN.

The Canadian investigators, Trudeau said, “are making the case for people to recognize that not only was it a terrible mistake to violate another country’s sovereignty and create massive global instability that impacts the prices of energy and food in the world, but it is also a series of war crimes that Putin is deliberately committing and for which he must be held accountable.” When asked if the crimes amounted to genocide, Trudeau replied that remained to be determined.

“The stories of what Russian soldiers are doing, not just killing civilians, but systematically using sexual violence and rape, to destabilize and have the greatest possible negative impact on the Ukrainian people, are absolutely unforgivable and unacceptable,” Trudeau said. “And that’s why the global community is going and responding so strongly.”

Source: Associated Press

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