Zicsaloma breaks silence on sex for roles allegations: Miss Petite Nigeria Blog


Netizens continued to react with varying opinions after the popular sketch maker, Isaac Aloma aka Zicsalomerefused to clarify about the accusation that he asked male “actors” for sex he uses in his sketches before working with them.

The skit creator, who spoke in an interview with The PUNCH’s Sunday Scoop, bluntly said he would not clarify the accusation.

“It will mean the charges are true, you shouldn’t say you won’t clear up the despicable charge“, one of his fans @JaconBarry writes on Facebook.

Although Zicsaloma suggested the accusation against him was fabricated, a controversial moment in his interview is when he said people could to believe what they want.

In his words: “I really don’t want to talk about these things. I’ve been told that if people don’t talk about it, they’re really not doing well. I don’t blame any blog for writing what they want; I blame the people who give them audience because they are just looking for ways to drive traffic to their blogs. I do not purify the air. People can believe what they want to believe

“The best thing is that you watch my sketches. Anyone who looks like an up-and-coming comedian should be asked what he did to get me to feature him. All those who succeed, most go through a channel. I succeeded because I worked hard. I shot content for years without getting recognition until it got to a point where I got recognition from people and my content started going viral.

“I work with anyone who I think can deliver. I shoot most of my content with celebrities. That doesn’t take away from the fact that I can work with someone who only has 20 followers. I do not compromise my content for anything. Some people offer me money to be in my sketches but I say ‘no’ to them because I don’t like their acting.”

Nonetheless, the skit maker went on to say that he would not press charges against the blogger who made the allegation against him because the person is “anonymous”.

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